Best Workout to Lose weight Home

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Best Workout to Lose weight Home

What is the best workout to lose weight? There are many exercise routines that you can do, and some are better than others, especially when your goal is to lose weight. However, there is one workout that may work extremely well for you and it is a 5 day per week workout that involves using giant sets. If you want to find out more about this routine, then continue to read on.

best workout to lose weight

What Are Giant Or Monster Sets
Before we discuss what one of the best workouts to lose some weight is, we will briefly discuss what giant sets or monster sets are because you will be doing them throughout this workout routine. They consist of four or more exercises being performed without any rest, and the exercises are done for one body part. For example, you do four chest exercises in a row and then take a break before doing it again. When you do these exercises and complete them, then that is one monster et. When you do it for the second time, then that is a second monster set.

5-Day P/W Workout
In this particular workout routine, you will train five days per week, and these days will consist of training with weights and doing cardio. On the first day you’ll train chest and triceps, and then do your cardio. The second day is shoulders and traps, and then you will do cardio again. On the third day you will be hitting your upper and lower back, while on the fourth day you will target your legs. The fifth day is when you will train arms (biceps and triceps). Also, on the third, fourth and fifth day, you will be doing cardio after your workout.

In short, you will follow the below schedule:

. Monday- Chest/cardio
. Tuesday- Shoulders/traps/cardio
. Wednesday- Back/cardio
. Thursday- Legs/cardio
. Friday- Arms/cardio

In regards to abs, you will train them 3-5 times every single week (you choose the days) and you will choose just 2-3 exercises of your choosin, but just train them using regular sets.

The Exercises/Reps/Sets
Now that you know what muscles you will train each day, you will need to choose the exercises you will be doing for each body part. When you train chest you will want to do four exercises and they include barbell flat and incline press, as well as dumbbell flyes and machine flyes. On day two you will train shoulders and trap and the four exercises you will do will be shoulder presses (dumbbell or barbell), as well as upright rows, front raises with dumbbells and dumbbell shrugs.

When you train back, you can start with any lower back exercise, followed by standing barbell rows, pull-downs and dumbbell rows. On leg day, you have the freedom to do any four exercises, but the first exercise you do should be squats, either barbell or machine squats. For biceps you will want to do barbell curls and then dumbbell curls, followed by incline dumbbell curls and then concentration curls. Training triceps consists of doing bench press (close group), push downs, dips and dumbbell kick-backs

To sum up the above, the exercises you’ll do for each body-part include:

. Chest- Barbell press/incline barbell bench press/dumbbell flyes/machine flyes
. Shoulders and traps- Shoulder presses/upright rows/front raises/dumbbell shrugs
. Back- Any lower back exercise/barbell rows, pull-downs/dumbbell rows
. Legs- Squats followed by 4 exercises (up to you to choose the ones you want to do)
. Arms- Start with biceps and do barbell curls/curls with dumbbells/incline curls/concentration curls
. Triceps- When you train triceps, do close grip bench press/push-downs/dips/dumbbell kick-backs

As for sets and reps, you will do a total of 3-4 sets per body-part and aim to do 10-15 reps per exercise.

Don’t forget to do a cardio exercise after each workout, and each cardio session should be 20-30 minutes. Simply go on the treadmill and jog, walk or jump on the cycling machine. The choice is up to you, but just make sure you do 20-30 minutes of cardio after each workout.

The Workout In Short
Basically, you will train five times per week, and you will train with monster sets on each day. After you have hit the weights, you will do 20-30 minutes of cardio, and you will do this routine for 4-5 weeks. It also involves doing light weight for each exercise and high reps, and training abs 3-5 days per week.

This workout routine is intense, but it can help you get toned up quickly.